The fellowship programme matches young undiscovered talents looking to start or work in a tech start-up with tech companies and CEOs/MDs to learn from them. The purpose of the programme is to build people with better business acumen and ability to scale business ideas very fast.



Africa (to streamline, Nigeria) needs to build good businesses that will service its economy and also increase the value created in the region. The investment space is increasing year on year but human resources is not scaling at the same pace. TIP is working with executives in the tech space to take on young talents and train them.



TIP has three main objectives:

Create a professional network

Fellows can build relationship with mates of like minds and founders of partner companies. This is a good jump start for their in the tech space.

Professional Growth

Fellows get to learn from founders/MDs that they won’t have had access to for a period of 6 months. This is to augment what they have learnt from the books.

Exposure to Real Business

Fellows will work on real projects that will actually contribute to the growth of the company. They will have a taste of running a company inside a company and this will build their mental muscle.



Fellows will be assigned to one founder of a tech company. They will learn from him/her as they work on a revenue focussed project. Fellows will also partake in a fortnight master class of 12 founders. They will also get stipends for transportation and feeding.